World Religion Day 2023 Celebrate Wishes & Best Quotes

Welcome to all peoples to know about the World Religion Day 2023 Celebrate Wishes & Best Quotes in this content. It is most important to know all peoples how to celebrate their World Religion Day 2023. Every year, all the world people celebrate their own religion on 19 January. All governmental, non-governmental offices, organizations, educational institutions, post offices, and major markets are closed. Public transport remains unavailable on all major routes. Traffic congestion is common due to this Day parades.

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History of Religion Day

Religion Day was first celebrated in Portland, Maine under the title of “World Peace Through World Religion.” Firuz Kazemzadeh hosted the talk in Eastland Park Hotel in October of 1947, since then the observance of this day has spread throughout the world with the center being held at various locations with strong authors, educators, and philosophers speaking about the importance of World Religions.

World Religion Day Facts & Quotes

  • According to a national survery in Britain, 57% of Brits list their religious beliefs as “it’s complicated”, while only 15% are deeply religious and the other 28% list non-religious.
  • Christianity (33%), Islam (20%) and Hiduism (14%) are the 3 most commonly practiced religions in the world.
  • Houses of worship differ from religion to religion. Christians go to a chapel or church, Muslims go to a mosque and jews go to a synagogue or temple.
  • Becoming muslim or converting to Islam requires three main things: a formal statement of faith, called a shahadah, in front of witnesses; proclaiming that there is only one God, that Muhammad is God’s prophet; and converting freely, not by force.

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