2025 Volkswagen ID 7 Sedan Release Date, Price, Full Specification

Volkswagen ID 7 Sedan

The sedan will use a 77.0-kWh battery pack to achieve an estimated WLTP driving range of 300 miles. An upgraded 86.0-kWh pack will be available for a dual-motor all-wheel drive model. It will use a 282-hp electric motor paired with a single-speed transmission. Its sleek aerodynamic design should help it to slip easily through air.

2025 Volkswagen ID 7 Release Date

If you’re interested in a VW electric vehicle for the future, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the 2025 Volkswagen ID 7. This is the flagship model in the company’s MEB lineup and will likely have the highest price point of any EV currently on sale. It’s a sleek sedan with a hatchback-style cargo bay. It also has a spacious rear seat capable of accommodating three people. The rear window is covered by a layer of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal that can change from transparent to opaque with the touch of a button.

It also features a heads-up display that can show you important information like speed, fuel consumption, and range. There’s even a semi-autonomous function called Travel Assist that can help you with things like changing lanes on the highway. However, VW doesn’t mention this feature in its US press release, indicating that it may not be available on American models.

2025 Volkswagen ID 7 Price

The 2025 Volkswagen ID 7 is a sedan that looks ready to take on the Tesla Model 3 in a head-to-head battle. Based on VW’s MEB platform, it can be fitted with either a single electric motor driving one or all wheels and producing up to 282 horsepower. It uses a 77-kWh battery pack that’s expected to deliver about 300 miles of range on the WLTP cycle in Europe, with an optional 86-kWh version available in other markets. The sedan doesn’t offer a frunk or rear trunk, but the hatchback opens up to reveal a cavernous storage area.

Inside, drivers can customize the standard augmented-reality head-up display to show information such as their speed and energy use. They can also use voice commands to control drive modes, adjust climate functions, and quiet the navigation system if it becomes too chatty. Volkswagen has also included premium features like an adaptive cruise control and lane assist that can automatically make changes to lanes on highways.

2025 Volkswagen ID 7 Full Specification

The 2025 Volkswagen ID 7 will launch this fall as a single-motor, rear-wheel-drive model with a 77-kWh battery pack and about 300 miles of range. It’ll be followed in 2024 by a dual-motor version with AWD and an 86-kWh battery, which VW says should provide 350 miles of range. The new sedan rides on a version of VW’s modular MEB electric drive platform that also underpins the ID.4 and ID Buzz crossovers, and it can be fitted with a larger 86.0-kilowatt-hour (77.0-kWh usable) battery pack that should offer more range.

Like other VW EVs, the 2025 ID 7 will feature a voice control system that can do more than change radio stations and make calls. It can also adjust driving modes, quiet the navigations system when it’s too distracting, and even lower the airflow through the cabin’s ventilation system. An augmented-reality head-up display is standard. Drivers will also be able to access their speed, range and driver-assistance features on a simple integrated display in the center console.

2025 Volkswagen ID 7 Design

Despite being an electric sedan, the ID.7 has plenty of features more commonly found on luxury nameplates like the Volkswagen Passat. For starters, it does away with both a gas tank and an engine up front to offer more cargo space in the rear and better fuel economy across Northern Colorado’s varied terrain. In place of a traditional instrument cluster, this new VW uses a small integrated display that shows vehicle speed and range and displays important driver-assistance system alerts.

A standard augmented-reality head-up display projects more information on the windshield, including projected navigation instructions and road signs. A pair of smart air vents that open and close to create draft-free ventilation are highlighted by ambient lighting, while upgraded front seats use 10 air cushions to provide support and pressure with a massaging function for added comfort. A gloss-black roof and horizontal LED strip run between the ID.7’s LED Matrix headlights for a distinct appearance.