Unique Paribahan Ticket Counter Number & Address

Unique Paribahan

Welcome to all peoples to know about the Unique Paribahan Ticket Counter Number & Address. Bangladeshi most popular and one of the biggest transport service whose name is Unique Paribahan. Every day a large number of peoples use their transport service. We all know that all-time Unique Paribahan has provided high-quality service and most expensive buses.

Unique Paribahan

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So all peoples want to know how can buy a ticket and how the price of their ticket or ticket counters mobile number and address info. So today I will share all more update information for all their passengers to know about this bus service Contact Number & Ticket Price info.

All Counters of Dhaka Division

Bagbari Counter (বাগবাড়ী কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01963-622223

BTRC Market, Kalyanpur Counter (বিআরটিসি কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01963-622244, 01821-498833

Assad Gate Counter (আসাদ গেইট)
Mobile No: 029133917, 01963-622255

Ayesha Complex Counter (আয়েশা কমপ্লেক্স)
Pantha Path, Sukra bad.
Mobile No: 01963-622279.

Fakirapul Counter (ফকিরাপুল)
Mobile No: 027195988,
01963-622226, 01963-622227

T & T Colony Mosque Counter
(টিএন্ডটি কলোনী মসজিদ কাউন্টার)
Fakira Pool.
Mobile No: 01963-622288

36 Kamala Pur Counter (৩৬ কমলাপুর কাউন্টার)
Near by the BRTC Counter.
Mobile No: 01963-622299

60/1 otish Dipankar Road Counter (দিপংকর রোড)
Mugada stadium (North side)
Mobile No: 01963-62230, 01963-622231.

Golapbagh Stadium Market Counter (গোলাপবাগ ষ্টুডিয়াম)
Mobile No: 01963-622232

Saidabad Counter (সায়দাবাদ কাউন্টার)
Near Of House gates.
Mobile No: 01963-622233

10/1-C, Sayedabad Counter (সায়দাবাদ কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01963-622234.

Sayedabad Highway Road Counter (সায়দাবাদ হাইওয়ে)
Janopoth mor Road
Mobile No: 01963-622235.

88/4, North Jatrabari Counter (উত্তর যাত্রাবাড়ী কাউন্টার)
Beside Uttara Bank
Mobile No: 01963-622236.

Chittagong Road Counter (চট্টগ্রাম রোড)
Release memorial
Mobile No: 01819-692079, 01963-622237

Office of kocuket Counter (কচুখেত কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01711-023886, 01963-622239

Mirpur 10, Dhaka Counter (মিরপুর-১০)
Mobile No: 02-8054813, 01963-622240

Nardda Counter (নরদা)
Mobile No: 01963-622238, 01559-666468

All Counters of Chittagong Division

82 Station Road Counter (৮২ ষ্টেশন রোড)
Under the Hotel Gateway
Mobile No: 031-619543, 01963-622252.

1/1 Station Road Counter (১/১ ষ্টেশন রোড)
BRTC Bus Terminal
Mobile No: 031-611661, 01963-622253.

Dampara, Zakir Hossain Road (ডামপাড়া)
Garibullah Shah Mazar Counter
Mobile No: 031-618905, 01963-622254.

AK Khan Gate Counter (একে খান গেইট)
Abdur Rahim Tower.
Mobile No: 031-2770983, 01963-622255

Boro pool Counter (বড়পুল কাউন্টার)
Hali shohor
Mobile No: 01963-622258, 01710-344247.

Navy Hospital Gate Counter (নেভি হাসপাতাল গেইট)
2M Aajaz Road
Mobile No: 031-800351, 01963-622257

Byzid Bostami Road Counter (বায়জিত বোস্তামী রোড)
Mobile No: 01963-622256,

Bhatiari Counter (ভাটিয়ারী কাউন্টার)
Market No. 1
Mobile No: 01963-622259

Cuto Kumira Counter (ছোট কুমিরা)
Mobile No: 01963-622260

Sitakunda DT Road Counter (সিতাকুন্ড)
Mobile No: 01963-622261

Mirsharai Bazar Counter (মিরসরাই বাজার)
Mosque Market, Tamaris Bhaban
Mobile No: 01963-622262

All Counters Of Feni District

Feni Counter (ফেনী কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01963-622265

All Counters Of Cox’s Bazar District

Jhautala Main Road Counter (ঝাউতলা মেইন রোড)
Mobile No: 0341-51851, 01963-622217

Kaltali Road Counter (কলাতলী কাউন্টার)
Galaxy Ressort
Mobile No: 01963-622270

Hotel Sea Place Counter (হোটেল সি প্যালেস)
Mobile No: 01963-622269

Chakari Bus Station (চাকারী বাস ষ্টেশন)
Mobile No: 01963-622272

Chakaria Counter (চাকারিয়া কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01985-650479, 01689-840531
01838-333334, 01317-676707

All Counters Of Rangamati District

In front of Indra Cinema Hall (ইন্দ্রা সিনেমা হল)
Mobile No: 0351-61678, 01963-622273

Anita Audio Counter (অনিতা অডিও কাউন্টার)
Tobalchari Bazar
Mobile No: 0351-61561.

All Counters of Bandarban District

Bandarban Counter (বান্দরবান)
Mobile No: 0361-63532, 01963-622275, 01553-208010

All Counters Of Sirajgonj

Sirajganj Bazar Counter (সিরাজগঞ্জ বাজার)
New Dhaka Road.
Mobile No: 01963-622276, 01728-217074, 01912-595904.

Sirajganj cord turn Counter
Mobile No: 101963-622277, 01712-135633

All Counters Of Chuadanga

Darshana Rail Bazar Counter (দর্শনা রেল বাজার)
Mobile No: 01963-622278, 01712-810991

All Counters Of Khulna Division

Khalishpur Counter (খালিশপুর কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01713-901368

All Counters Of Jhinaidah

khot Chandpur Counter (কোট চাঁদপুর)
Mobile No: 01719-563645

Central bus station (সেন্ট্রাল বাসষ্টেশন)
Jhenaidah Counter
Mobile No: 01712-509372

Kaliganj Counter (কালিগঞ্জ কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01718-059082

All Counters Of Magura

Magura Counter (মাগুড়া কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01716-362343

All Counters Of Sylhet

Mazar Gate -1 Counter (মাজার গেইট-১)
Mobile No: 01963-62245

Mazar Gate-2 Counter (মাজার গেইট-২)
Mobile No: 01963-62224

Sobhani Ghat Counter (সুবহানী গেইট)
Mobile No: 01963-622247

Kadamtali Counter (কদমতলী কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01963-622248

Humayun Rashid Chattar Counter (হুমায়ুন রশিদ চত্তর)
Mobile No: 01963-622244

Online Ticket Price 

Destination Per head Fare (BDT)
Dhaka to Chittagong Tk. 430
Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Tk. 700
Dhaka to Sylhet Tk. 450
Dhaka to Rangamati Tk. 540
Dhaka to Bandarban Tk. 550

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