Tesla Model X 2023 Launch Date, Price & Review

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X 2023 continues to be a head-turner with its falcon-wing doors, panoramic windshield, and impressive acceleration. The base EV can accelerate to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and the Plaid version does it in just 3.8. Other highlights include smooth regenerative braking and the ability to park automatically in both parallel and perpendicular spaces. However, it is still too expensive to qualify for the federal tax credit.

Tesla Model X 2023 Review

The Tesla Model X 2023 is the American EV maker’s largest vehicle, and until its Cyber truck shows up, it’s one of the few electric SUVs that can seat seven people. It offers impressive passenger and cargo space, sports car-beating acceleration and clever gadgetry. However, subpar smartphone integration and impracticality hold it back from a perfect score.

The gull-wing doors are a cool feature you’ll never tire of. They’re also practical, allowing rear-seat passengers to climb in easily without crouching or leaning. Plus, they make fitting child seats easier, too. The X’s sliding middle row also provides a bit of extra legroom in the third-row position. The Model X’s dual-motor, all-wheel-drive layout delivers instant torque and sports car acceleration. In fact, the base-level X can go from a dead stop to highway speeds in just 3.8 seconds. If that’s not enough, you can upgrade to the Model X Plaid with more power and a higher top speed.

Tesla Model X 2023 Launch Date

The 2023 Tesla Model X carves out a unique niche in the electric SUV field thanks to its falcon-wing doors and a claimed 335-mile range per charge. It can be recharged in less than 20 minutes at a Tesla Supercharger station. But that battery tech doesn’t make up for the company’s reputation for hasty and inconsistent build quality. Uneven joints and panel gaps are common, even in this $110,000-plus vehicle. The standard Model X offers seating for six or seven, depending on configuration. A rear cargo liftgate is available for easier loading and unloading. The interior features a 17-inch infotainment display that doubles as the control center. Tesla continues to eschew Android Auto and Apple Car Play in favor of its own interface, which is more intuitive.

Other standard features include a class-3 tow package, 17-speaker premium sound system and power-adjustable heated front seats. Options include Enhanced Autopilot with long-range highway navigation, Smart Summon and Auto Park. However, these automated features can be glitchy and require driver supervision at all times. An optional Full Self-Driving package uses a 360-degree camera to monitor traffic and can also steer, accelerate and brake under certain conditions. The company is still working to perfect the technology, and federal regulators are keeping a close eye on the company’s efforts.

Tesla Model X 2023 Price

Tesla’s Model X is the largest electric SUV on the market, offering seating for up to seven people with an impressive 348-mile driving range. It’s a fun drive, too, with agile handling and no body roll despite its large size. It also has a big front trunk and can tow 5,000 pounds, making it an excellent choice for hauling cargo. The standard dual-motor Model X is priced at just over $100,000, while the faster Plaid version offers sanity-stretching 670 horsepower and can go up to 333 miles on a single charge. Both models offer fast-charging capabilities thanks to the company’s extensive Supercharger network.

The 2023 Tesla Model X starts at $98,490. That’s for the “basic” version, which still has two electric motors and all-wheel drive. For those seeking a faster luxury electric SUV, the Plaid variant is priced from $108,490.

Inside, the Model X’s driver-oriented cabin is well appointed and designed to be easy to navigate. Standard adjustable lumbar support lets drivers of any size find a comfortable position behind the wheel, while the spacious front seat is ideal for long drives. The dashboard is well-organized and features a wide touchscreen with intuitive controls. It’s easy to operate and keeps you updated on the vehicle’s performance and safety status. However, some of its more automated functions like Autopilot are a bit glitchy and can cause confusion for drivers. Also, the Model X’s aircraft-style steering yoke can be awkward to use.