National Nutrition Week 2023

Here I will share all more information and full history to see about the National Nutrition Week 2023. National Nutrition Week is observed every year from 1st September to 7th September to aware people about the importance of nutrition for the Human Body and well being of health. People should include a healthy diet in their daily routine like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fat-free milk etc. Every year this days celebrate all over world and  National Nutrition Week 2023 theme  is ‘Go Further with Food’ and in 2023 was ‘Optimal Infant & Young Child Feeding Practices: Better Child Health’. In this content you will find all more information to know about the National Nutrition Week 2023, just read this full content with attentively.

National Nutrition Week History

National Nutrition Week was initiated in March 1973 by the members of the American Dietetic Association (now the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) to deliver the nutrition education message to the public while promoting the profession of dietetics. In 1980 public showed great response towards it and the week long celebration expanded to become a month-long observance. In the year 1982 National Nutrition week celebration was started by the Central Government in India. The Indian Dietetic Association from Bangalore has decided to conduct an awareness program for Nutrition and Diet at Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital, Millers Road, Bangalore where the diet for Heart Disease, Diabetes, Children and Women will also be covered.

National Nutrition Week Themes

> The theme of 2011 was “Feeding smart from the start”.

> The theme of 2012 was “Nutrition Awareness – Key to Healthy Nation”.

> The theme of 2013 was “Project Dinnertime – Cook. Eat. Enjoy”.

> The theme of 2014 was “Poshak Aahar Desh ka Aadhar”.

> The theme of 2015 was “Better Nutrition: Key to Development”.

> The theme of 2023 was “Life cycle approach for better Nutrition”.

> The theme of 2023 was “Optimal Infant & Young Child Feeding Practices: Better Child Health”.

> The theme of 2023 was “Go Further with Food”.

Importance of Nutrition

With a poor diet well-being is reduced.

– Helps to manage healthy weight.

– Maintains immune system.

– Provide energy.

– Delays the effect of Ageing.

– Reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

– Healthy eating also affects your mood positively.

– Healthy diet increases life span.

– Also, healthy diet increases focus.

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