Nabil Paribahan All Counter Contact Info (2023)

Nabil Paribahan All Counter Contact Info

Nabil Paribahan All Counter Contact Info! Bangladeshi one of the biggest and most famous transport name is Nabil Paribahan. This paribahan is very famous for their safety journey.  The company has Scania AC business class and Non-AC daily bus services. The company operates Dhaka to Dinajpur,  Thakurgaon,  Rangpur, Bogra, Jaypurhat, Natore,  Naoga,  Rajshahi and so on. Everyday a large number of peoples to need to know about their bus counter mobile number and contact info details. So today I will share for all peoples in here to know more details about to Nabil Paribahan All Counter Contact Info. If you want to know more about this service, please read this full article to get more update information. Let’s start to do it.

Nabil Paribahan All Counter Contact Info

All Counters Of Dhaka Division

Assad Gate Counters (আসাদ গেইট)
Mobile No: 01839-968533, 01882-003271

Kalyanpur Counters (কল্যানপুর)
Mobile No: 01869-811012, 01869-811013

Mazar Road Counter 1 (মাজার রোড-১)
Mobile No: 01839-968530, 01869-811014

Mazar Road Counter 2 (মাজার রোড-২)
Mobile No: 01839-968531, 01882-003268

Technical Counter (টেকনিক্যাল)
Mobile No: 01810-12081

All Counters Of Bogra

Bogra Counter (বগুড়া মেইন কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01774-976078

Sherpur Counter (শেরপুর কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01761-545967

All Counters Of Rangpur Division

Gaibanda District Counters

Gobindaganj counter (গোবিন্দগঞ্জ)
Mobile No: 01839-968522

Rangpur District Counters

Rangpur Counters (রংপুর মেইন কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01720-993503

Taraganj Counter (তারাগঞ্জ কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01718-268902

Dinajpur District Counters

Dinajpur Counter (দিনাজপুর কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01839-968503

Ranirbandar Counter (রাণীর বাজার)
Mobile No: 01737-039966

Birganj Counter (বীরগঞ্জ)
Mobile No: 01748-929289

Setubagan counter (সেতু বাগান)
Mobile No: 01716-630262

Phulbari counters (ফুলবাড়ী কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01721-888444

Birampur Counter (বিরামপুর কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01732-787878

Thakurgaon District Counters

Thakurgaon Counter (ঠাকুরগাঁও কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01742-554422

Vulli Counters (ভূলি কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01710-631032

Pirganj Counter (পীরগঞ্জ কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01746-715441, 01737-890944

Rani Shankal Counter (রাণী শংকল কাউন্টার)
Mobile No 01711-587788

Panchagarh District Counters

Panchagarh Counters (পঞ্চগড় কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01712-414444

Boda Counters (বোদা কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01712-363321

Debiganj Counter (দেবীগঞ্জ কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01726-898292

Kurigram District Counters

Kurigram Counter (কুড়িগ্রাম জেলা কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01868-114447

Lalmonirhat District Counters

Lalmonirhat Counter (লালমনিরহাট কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01869-810054

Burimari Counter (বুড়ীমারী কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01716-441551

Nilphamari District Counters

Nilphamari Counter (নিলফামারী কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01712-204187

Syedpur Counter (সৈয়দপুর কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01717-061122

Domer Counter (ডোমার কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01713-717445

Chilahati Counter (চিলাহাটি কাউন্টার)
Mobile No: 01922-883101

Nabil Paribahan Transport Fare from Dhaka

Destination Per head Fare (BDT)
Rangpur Tk. 450
Bogra Tk. 350
Soidpur Tk. 550
Thakurnaon Tk. 600
Debigonj Tk. 450
Dinajpur Tk. 550
Domar Tk. 550
Fulbari Tk. 500
Kurigram Tk. 500

Passenger Journey Rules

  • All Nabil Paribahan passengers should be attended bus stand before 20 minutes ago.
  • All passengers can carry weight their luggage minimum 10 kg. Otherwise will be charged.
  • Passengers cannot carry illegal goods with him/her. In case of carrying illegal goods, the authority is not responsible for that.
  • Smoking is not allowed into the bus.
  • If passengers come late at the bus stand and miss the bus, transport fare will not be given back to them.

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