Prepaid Meter Online Application, New Connection 2023

Prepaid Meter Online Application

Do you want to apply for a new meter of rural electricity? Then find out about the rules for applying rural electricity meter online. How to apply for rural electricity connection online will we let you know through this post details of the Application Rules Word Council. According to the announcement of the government of Bangladesh, it is currently being applied to the rural electricity meter online to advance the proceedings of 100 percent of the power law. Within 5 working days of the application you will get a connection of rural electricity in your home. Applying online you do not have to go to any second party in the new meter application system of rural electricity. You can apply directly online and contact the Rural Electricity Association and get a new connection to the home.

How to Apply for electricity meter in Bangladesh?

You will need to complete a form online to get a new connection to rural electricity. In order to complete the online form, you need to complete the initial form by going to the official website of Rural Electricity. You will then have to contact the nearest Rural Electricity Association with the wiring report. Wiring Report, Scan Copy of Dismissance of the Connection.

New electricity meter application form

You have to go to the official website of the Rural Electricity Association to apply for a new meter of rural electricity. The initial application form will have to be filled on the Rural Electricity Official Website. The initial application form has given the figure I have to fill in the appropriately-

Enter the website through your Internet browser and see an interface. Now you will see an application on the top of your computer and click on that application. After you click on a form there will be the name of the power office in your area, connecting and connecting the area. All information needs to be well met.

New meter application, Condition & Details

The current Rural Electricity Cooperative Societies provide residential connections only. Rural electricity connection can be easily taken without any hassle or third support. According to the decision of the Government of Bangladesh, the rural education boards are working with the devil. The tasks you need to do in the residential connection of rural electricity are to attach pictures, national identity cards and scanned copies of the connectivity of the connection.

The distance of the service drop should be within 5 feet. Provide the distance to the service service drop properly in the service group, if the service group is not correct, the length of the cable may be less than the wrong information. If the total load is more than 80 kilometers, the ST connection rules will apply. After the survey online, all instructions, including submitting the necessary money, will be informed via SMS. They must be filled. The customer of the application form must provide his own mobile number. The trucking ID and PIN number must be stored after the application. The connection can be paid through mobile banking of the bank.

We have discussed all the information you need through this post, if you know anything else or if you feel the problem, please let us know in the comments.