Green Line Paribahan All Ticket Counter Number Info (2023)

Green Line Paribahan All Ticket Counter Number Info

Green Line Paribahan is one of the best popular bus transport service in Bangladesh. This service is number one safety and fast transport service in BD. Majority of the peoples in here who are using this service, but they can’t know about the Green Line Paribahan All Ticket Counter Number Info. So today I will share for all passengers to know about this services details. If you want to know more details, please read this full article to get a clear concept.

Green Line Paribahan All Ticket Counter Number Info

The company head office is located in Dhaka at 9/2 Outer Circular Road, Momen Bagh, Rajarbagh. You can contact them to their head office, you want to book your tickets or if you have any complaints against them.

Green Line Head Office (প্রধান কার্যালয়)
9/2, Outer Circular Road, Momen Bagh, Rajarbagh, Dhaka – 1217
Tel : +88 02 8315380, Fax : +088-02-8350003

Call Center (কল সেন্টার)
Mob : 09613316557
Tel : +88 02 8331303, +88 02 8331304

All Counters Of Dhaka Divission

Fakirapul Counter (ফকিরাপুল কাউন্টার)
Phone: 02-7191900, 01730-060013

Rajarbagh Counter (রাজারবাগ কাউন্টার)
Phone: 02-9342580, 02-9339623

Kala bagan Counter (কলাবাগান কাউন্টার)
Phone: 02-9133145, 01730-060006

Arambagh Counter (আরামবাগ কাউন্টার)
Phone: 02-7192301, 01730-060009

Kalyanpur Counter (Sohrab Pump) (কল্যানপুর)
Phone: 01730-060081

Kalyanpur Counter (Khalek Pump) (কল্যানপুর)
Phone: 02-8032957, 01730-060080

Badda Counter (বাড্ডা কাউন্টার)
Phone: 01970-060074

Uttara Ajampur Counter (উত্তরা আজমপুর)
Phone: 01970-060075

Uttara Abdullahpur Counter (উত্তরা আব্দুল্লাহপুর)
Phone: 01970-060076

Norda Counter (নরদা কাউন্টার)
Phone: 01730-060098

BRTC International Bus Terminal (বিআরটিসি)
Phone: 01730-060060

Golapbug Counter (গোলাপবাগ কাউন্টার)
Phone: 0447-8660011

All Counters Of Chattogram Divission

AK Khan Road Counter (একে খান রোড কাউন্টার)
Phone: 031-751161, 01730-060021 01 970-060021.

Damapara Counter-1 (Near Garib ullah mazar)
Phone: 01970-060085, 031-630551

Station Road Counter (ষ্টেশন রোড কাউন্টার)
Phone: 031-631288

Damapara Counter-2 (Near Garib ullah mazar)
Phone: 01730-060085, 031-2862994

Cox’s Bazar District Counters

kolatoli Counters (কলাতলী কাউন্টার)
Phone: 0341-63747, 01970-060070

Cox’s Bazar Bus Terminal Counters (কক্সবাজার)
Phone: 01730-060074

Cox’s Bazar Jowtola Counters (কক্সবাজার)
Phone: 0341-62533, 01730-060070

Teknaf Counters

Saint Martin Counters (সেন্ট মার্টিন কাউন্টার)
Phone: 01730-060047

Dumdumia Gate Counters (ডুমডুমিয়া কাউন্টার)
Phone: 01730-060044

Abdullah Filling Station Counters (আব্দুল্লাহ ফিলিং ষ্টেশন)
Phone: 01730-060046

All Counters Of Sylhet Divission

Subhani Gate Counter (সুবহানী গেইট কাউন্টার)
Phone: 01730-060036

Mazar Gate Counters (মাজার গেইট কাউন্টার)
Phone: 01970-060034

Humayam Rashid Counters (হুমায়ুন রশিদ চত্তর)
Phone: 01970-060036

Kadamtali Counters (কদমতলী কাউন্টার)
Phone: 01970-060036

All Counters Of Khulna Divission

Khulna District Counters

Khulna Countets (খুলনা শহর)
Phone: 01709-932723, 01730-060037, 041-813888

Jessore District Counters

Jessore (New Market) (নিউ মার্কেট)
Phone: 01730-060039, 0421-68389

Jessore Counters (Gari Khan)
Phone: 01730-060038

Benapol Counters

Benapole Border (বেনাপোল বর্ডার)
Phone: 01970-060040, 0421-75781

Benapul Bazar (বেনাপোল বাজার)
Phone: 01730-060035, 0421-75776, 0421-57781

All Counters Of Rajshahi Divission

Rajshahi District Counters

Rajshahi Counters (রাজশাহী কাউন্টার)
Phone: 01730-060051, 0721-812350

Bogra District Counters

Bogra Counters (বগুড়া জেলা মেইন কাউন্টার)
Phone: 01730-060042, 051-60477

Natore District Counters

Natore Counters (নাটোর জেলা কাউন্টার)
Phone: 01730-060044

All Counters Of Rangpur Divission

Rangpur Counters, (Gl Road) (রংপুর কাউন্টার)
Phone: 01730-060041, 0521-66678

Green Line Paribahan Ticket Price from Dhaka:

Destination Ticket Price
Volvo Scania
Chittagong Tk. 900 Tk. 1150
Cox’s Bazar Tk. 900 Tk. 1800
Sylhet Tk. 850 Tk. 1100
Khulna Tk. 950
Jessore Tk. 850
Calcutta Tk. 1500
Benapole Tk. 1100
Rangpur Tk. 600
Bogra Tk. 550
Rajshahi Tk. 650

Greenline Paribahan Online Ticket

Greenline Paribahan all passengers now easily book their ticket from online system. It is very easy and common method to know how can get my ticket from online. It is an opportunity for all passenger that they can book tickets via online because Greenline Paribahan online ticket is available. In this bellow you can easily booking your ticket from online, just click this red option.

Online Ticket

We hope all peoples in here can get more details about the Green Line Paribahan All Ticket Counter Number Info.Here you also can get more details about the Dipjol Enterprise Ticket Counter Contact Info. If you have any question? Please comments the box. We will answer as soon as possible.