Elke Winkens Body Measurements, Bra Size, Dress Size, Shoe Size, Height, Weight

For a brief moment, Elke Winkens gave up her acting career to focus on painting and sculpture. However, the actress was not able to suppress her passion for theatre and film, and she soon returned to her profession. She starred in several TV and film roles, including Cell-O-Fun (1996 – 1997) and the series One (1998). Elke has also done theater, cabaret and voice work. She is a fan of music and has been a member of the band Die Hektiker since 1992.

Elke Winkens Body Measurements

Elke Winkens is an Earth sign, so she is practical and efficient; she judges a tree by its fruits and has a strong sense of responsibility. However, this sign is not without its weaknesses; for example, you may be too weighed down by your emotions and tend to be self-centered at times. In love, you are generous and instinctive. You have a tendency to fall into frenzies and flash-in-the-pan relationships, but luckily, your cheerful spirit and the charm of your personality allow you to get out of them quickly.

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