Ekushey Hospital Chittagong Doctor List, Phone Number

Ekushey Hospital Chittagong

Dear viewers, today we will share an important report on our website for you all. Today we will share the information related to the list and phone numbers of 21 popular hospitals in Chittagong. Because at present every person is resorting to specialist doctors in the popular hospitals of the country for various physical problems. Even many are taking treatment and advice from doctors through online voice calls or video calls instead of resorting to specialist doctors directly. That’s why today we have shared with you the list and phone number of Ekusheyy Hospital Chittagong doctors on our website. I hope that today’s information will be useful to all of you.

Chittagong is one of the most popular cities in Bangladesh. Which has become one of the most popular cities in the country in terms of education and knowledge. The environment of Chittagong is very beautiful and there are several Bana areas through which the Chittagong region has gained recognition to all. Also, several public and private hospitals and clinical labs have been built in this region to ensure the safety of every human life. Where the country’s best specialist doctors are present and all types of patient treatment and consultation are provided with advanced technology equipment. One of the most popular hospitals in Chittagong is Ekusheyy Hospital. Which is built with the aim of providing security and proper treatment to the people of the Chittagong region. This hospital has several specialist doctors who are working to provide proper treatment to the patients.

Ekushey Hospital Chittagong Doctor List

One of the most popular hospitals in Chittagong is Ekushey Hospital. Where there are many specialist doctors. Those who provide proper treatment to the patients through advanced technology devices and provide different types of advice on body protection. Many people click on our article to know the list of specialist doctors in Ekushey Hospital, Chittagong. Today we presented to them the list of doctors of Ekusheyy hospital in Chittagong on our website. If you collect this list from us today, you will know about the specialist doctors in Chittagong and also get an idea about which doctor provides treatment for which subject. Ekushey Hospital Chittagong Doctor List is presented below:

Ekushey Hospital Doctor List

Doctor List Specialty
Dr. Md. Yasin Neonatal & Child Diseases Specialist
Dr. Md. Abdur Rahim Medicine, Diabetes, & Child Diseases Specialist

Ekushey Hospital Chittagong doctor’s phone number, Serial

Nowadays, many people take medical services on mobile phones or online without going directly to the doctor due to their busy schedules. Today every specialist doctor has launched this online-based medical service through which they provide proper treatment to patients in every region of the country. That’s why we are going to present the information related to Ekushey Hospital Chittagong doctor’s phone number on our website today. That is, you can collect the contact numbers of specialist doctors of Chittagong Ekushey Hospital through our information today and you can contact the doctors for any of your needs. It will help you to solve any problem and help your friends by sharing it. Ekushey Hospital Chittagong doctor’s phone number is shared below:

Ekushey Hospital, Chittagong
Address: 116, Sugandha Road, Mirzarpul, Chattogram
Contact: +88031657629, +88031657926