Dhaka-Mymensingh Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Today here I will talk to full concept about the Dhaka-Mymensingh Train Schedule & Ticket Price. Now we all know that, Mymensingh is the one of the biggest divisional city in Bangladesh. So every day a large number of peoples need to go this city by different ways.

But maximum peoples go to this city by Bangladesh train service. So it is most important for all passengers who want to go this city by Train. In this content I will share all more details about the Dhaka-Mymensingh-Dhaka Train Schedule & Ticket Price info. If you want to full concept about this service, just waste some time with us and follow our website.

Dhaka-Mymensingh Train Name:

  1. Tista Express
  2. Aghnibina Express
  3. Brahmaputra Express
  4. Hawr Express
  5. Jamuna Express
  6. Mohongonj Express

There are six mails or express trains run between Dhaka and Mymensingh too. They are –

  1. Ishkhan Express
  2. Dewangonj Commuter
  3. Bolaka Commuter
  4. Mohua Express
  5. Jamalpur Commuter
  6. Vawal Express

Dhaka-Mymensingh Train Schedule:

Train Name Off day From Time To Arrival
Tista Express Monday Dhaka 07:20 Dewangonj Bazar 12:55
Aghnibina Express No Dhaka 09:40 Tarakandi 15:20
Brahmaputra Express No Dhaka 18:00 Dewangonj Bazar 00:30
Hawr Express Wednesday Dhaka 23:50 Mohongonj 06:10
Name Off day From Time To Arrival
Isakhan express No Dhaka 11:30 Mymensingh 21:45
Balaka Comuter No Dhaka 10:30 Mymensingh 14:10
Mahua Express Dhaka 08:10 Mohongonj 14:50
Dewangonj Commuter Dhaka 05:40 Dewanginj Bazar 11:45
Jamalpur Commuter Dhaka 15:40 Dewangonj Bazar 22:15
Vawal Express Dhaka 21:00 Dewangonj Bazar 05:40

Mymensingh  to Dhaka Train Schedule:

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
708 Tista Express Monday Mymensingh 17:10 Dhaka 20:10
736 Aghnibina Express No Mymensingh 19:15 Dhaka 22:35
744 Brahmaputra Express No Mymensingh 09:10 Dhaka 12:30
746 Jamuna Express No Mymensingh 04:35 Dhaka 07:40
778 Hawr Express Thursday Mymensingh 11:00 Dhaka 14:15
790 Mohangonj Express Monday Mymensingh 03:02 Dhaka 06:20
Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
40 Isha Khan Express No Mymensingh 12:00 Dhaka 23:00
44 Mahua Express No Mymensingh 17:22 Dhaka 21:25
48 Dewangonj Commuter No Mymensingh 15:33 Dhaka 19:15
50 Balaka Commuter No Mymensingh 13:45 Dhaka 17:25
52 Jamalpur Commuter No Mymensingh 07:33 Dhaka 11:15
56 Vawal Express No Mymensingh 05:30 Dhaka 11:4

Dhaka To Mymensingh Ticket Price:

Dhaka to Mymensingh Comuter Ticket Price 55 BDT.
Dhaka to Mymensingh Sulov Ticket Price 65 BDT.
Dhaka to Mymensingh Shovon Ticket Price 110 BDT.
Dhaka to Mymensingh Shovon Chair Ticket Price 130 BDT.
Dhaka to Mymensingh First Class Chair Ticket Price 175 BDT.
Dhaka to Mymensingh 1st Birth Ticket Price 260 BDT.
Dhaka to Mymensingh Snigdha Ticket Price 248 BDT.
Dhaka to Mymensingh AC Seat Ticket Price 299 BDT.
Dhaka to Mymensingh AC Birth Ticket Price 443 BDT.

Finally we hope that, all passengers who want to this city they have got all news about the Dhaka-Mymensingh Train Schedule & Ticket Price. If you want to know know more or faced any problem ,just comment the box. Thanks to all for being here.

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