Dhaka Chandpur Launch Time Schedule

Welcome to all peoples to know about the Dhaka Chandpur Launch Time Schedule. It is most important news for all passengers who want to go Chandpur from Dhaka. Now we discuss to all details about the all launch schedule and time info. Because maximum peoples do not know about this services.  If you want to know this, just read this full content.

Dhaka Chandpur Launch Time Schedule

Dhaka Chandpur Launch Time Schedule:

Sonar Tori

Departure: 07:20Am

Arrival: 10:30AM

Phone: 01716-501077

Meghna Rani

Departure: 08:00AM

Arrival: 12:00PM

Phone: 01711-008777


Departure: 09:45AM

Arrival: 01:45 PM

Phone: 01818-002029


Departure: 10:15 AM

Arrival: 02:15 PM

Phone: –

Imam Hasan

Departure: 11:00 AM

Arrival: 02:45 PM

Phone: 01711-008777


Departure: 01:30 PM

Arrival: 05:00 PM

Phone: 01711-008777


Departure: 02:30 PM

Arrival: 06:00 PM

Phone: 01711-008777

Al Borak

Departure: 03:30 PM

Arrival: 07:30 PM

Phone: 01818-002029


Departure: 07:45 PM

Arrival: 11:45 PM

Phone: off at present


Departure: 11:30 PM

Arrival: 03:30 AM

Phone: 01818-002029


Departure: 12:00 AM

Arrival: 03:00 AM

Phone: 01711-008777


Departure: 12:30 AM

Arrival: 04:00 PM

Phone: 01712-735300

Steamer(Except Sunday)

Departure: 07:00 PM

Arrival: 11:00 PM

Phone: 01710-405552


Departure: 09:15 AM

Arrival: 01:15 PM

Phone: 01714-248589

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