Dhaka-Barishal-Dhaka All Launch Contact Number/Schedule

Welcome to all peoples to know about the Dhaka-Barishal-Dhaka All Launch Contact Number details. Many peoples in Dhaka who need to go Barishal. But majority of the peoples don’t know about the launch number and contact info details. So today I will share for all launch passengers to know about the all details Dhaka to Barishal all launch contact number. If you want to know more details, please read this full article to get a clear concept. Let’s start to do it.


Dhaka-Barishal-Dhaka All Launch Contact Number Info:

Launch Name Contact Number Time
MV Tipu 8:15 PM
MV Dipraj 8:15 PM
MV Parabat-2 01711276597 8:15 PM
MV Parabat-7 01711344745 8:15 PM
MV Parabat-11 01711330642 9:00 PM
MV Parabat-12 01789448088
MV KirtonKhula-1 8:15 PM
MV Sundarban-7 01718664700 9:00 PM
MV Sundarban-8 01711441028 8:15 PM
MV Sundarban-10 01758113011
MV Kalam Khan-1 01711324629 8:15 PM
MV Parabat-9 01711344747 8:15 PM
MV Surovi-7 01711332084 9:00 PM
MV Surovi-8 0171145389 8:45 PM

We hope all Dhaka to Barishal passengers can get a clear concept about the Dhaka-Barishal-Dhaka All Launch Contact Number. If you want to know more or face any problem to contact their service, please comment the box. We will try best to solve your problem as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for being with us.

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