DeLorean Alpha 5 Release Date, Price, Full Specification

DeLorean Alpha 5

The reborn DeLorean company is hoping that the Alpha 5 will turn around its fortunes after a series of failures. It was introduced at Pebble Beach along with a trio of concept cars, including a swoopy electric SUV. It carries over the DMC-12’s wide gull-wing doors but offers four seats instead of two. It also looks more modern with a sloping design and a digital display.

DeLorean Alpha 5 Release Date

DeLorean has unveiled the first details of its all-new electric car. The Alpha 5 is a 2+2 grand tourer with stunning looks signed by Ital design and exhilarating performance. The show-stopping design is sure to impress gearheads and attract many new customers. The company didn’t reveal the exact specifications, but it says the Alpha 5 will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 2.99 seconds and reach 88 mph in 4.35 seconds. The manufacturer also claims it will have a 300-mile range and a top speed of 155 mph.

These figures are for the ‘base performance model, so it is likely other tiers will be available with more impressive specs. Inside the spacious cabin, the DeLorean Alpha 5 will have sporty captain seats for the driver and passengers. The dashboard will have a large digital instrument panel and a central infotainment touch screen. There will be a few switches and buttons on the dash for manual control, but most functions will be managed via the screens.

DeLorean Alpha 5 Price

The DeLorean Alpha 5 is a sleek electric car with gullwing doors and a top speed of 250 mph. It’s also packed with the latest technology, including a large touchscreen infotainment system and a digital instrument cluster. The new car will be available to order next month, and reservations are already open. Buyers will need to sign up for the Alphas Club program, which costs $88 (an homage to Back to the Future), and pay two deposits totaling $7,500. Buyers will then have the option to sell or transfer their production slot, but they’ll need to pay an additional fee for that privilege. DeLorean Alpha 5 2023 Price is expected to start at USD 150,000+, with production set to begin in late 2022 or early 2023 at the DMC San Antonio factory of Alpha 5.

The new DeLorean isn’t exactly a time machine, but it’s a good-looking vehicle that’s sure to turn heads when it hits the streets in 2024. The new company partnered with Ital design, the Volkswagen-owned design team that helped shape the original DMC-12, and the Alpha5 has a similar silhouette but swaps out an angular look for smooth curves.

DeLorean Alpha 5 Full Specification

DeLorean is promising a top speed of 249 mph and a range of 300 miles from the Alpha 5’s 100-plus-kWh battery pack. Its 0.23 drag coefficient should allow it to accelerate to highway speeds in less than three seconds. The 2+2 electric vehicle was designed by Ital design, the same team that shaped the DMC-12 back in the ’70s. The Alpha 5 retains gull-wing doors, louvered rear windows, and other throwback design cues, while also adding a more futuristic look.

Buyers can pre-order the Alpha 5 for $US88 ($AU130) and then trade their non-fungible token (NFT) on a digital marketplace to secure a production slot in the order queue. They can even buy or sell NFTs to other buyers in the queue to change their build slot if they wish, and DeLorean says that more than 1000 slots have already been reserved. Production is set to start in 2024. DeLorean is planning to make 9351 of the cars over six years.
DeLorean Alpha 5 Design

DeLorean’s long-abandoned name lives on in a new EV sedan. The company that runs it today, called DeLorean Reimagined LLC, recently released a teaser shot of the Alpha5 sedan concept. It’s a 2+2 with room for two passengers in the back seat and a 100-kilowatt-hour battery that should allow for 300 miles of range. The car also has gullwing doors and other styling touches from the original DMC-12, like a vented rear window cover and unique shoulder lines that wrap around the body.

The Alpha5’s wide gullwing doors open upward to give access to the front and rear seats. The dashboard looks minimalist with few switches and buttons, and the driver is greeted by a digital instrument display and a compact infotainment screen. Interestingly, the Alpha5’s shape is curvier than that of the DMC-12. It will also have a lower ride height to improve aerodynamics. DeLorean expects the Alpha5 to have a top speed of about 155 mph.