BL MB Transfer System,Gift and Sharing

BL MB Transfer System

Banglalink has come to BL MB Transfer System for their valuable customers. All BL users can enjoy this system for MB transfer, gift, and sharing. If you know more about the MB Sharing System, please read this full article for getting all information about Data Transfer Process.

BL MB Transfer System

BL MB Transfer, Gift, Sharing Details Info

How can to gift BL Data to other BL SIM.
The Customers can be gift Banglalink internet rendering to the chart below.

        BL Internet          Internet Price           Validity
            45 MB              10 TK.           1 day.
            60 MB              15 TK.           3 days.
           100 MB              20 TK           7 days.
           160 MB              30 TK.           7 days.
           300 MB              99 TK.           30 days.
           1 GB              210TK.           30 days.
           2 GB              350 TK.           30 days.

Banglalink Data Gift Terms and Conditions:

  • Dial *5000*55*1# to gift data for others BL operator.
  • The internet price will be deducted from your main account balance.
  • Customers will be no charged for gift data.

How can to Transfer data in Banglalink to other Banglalink SIM.
The Customers can be Transfer Banglalink internet execution to the chart below.

Internet Data             Price            Validity
          25 MB from your regular internet package.               1 Day.

Banglalink MB Transfer System Conditions:

  • To Transfer Banglalink internet, customers need to Dial *5000*55*2#.
  • If you have a BL SIM on the active internet package, you can have enjoyed this system.
  • BL all users can transfer internet data without any extra charge from his main account.
  • Customers can make only one transfer from own number per day.
  • The customers only transfer prepaid internet data.
  • Social packs and bonus internet data do not transfer.

Now all Banglalink prepaid customers can enjoy BL MB Transfer System for any time in a day. Have you any question about Banglaink Offer, please comments this bellow. We will try to best to solve your problem. Thanks to all BL users for stay with us.