BL 2.5 Gb Free Internet Offer

All Banglalink bondhu sim users are eligible BL 2.5Gb Free Internet Offer.If you have one BL bondho sim,first activation your sim and you only recharge Tk19 and get enjoy BL Free 2.5Gb Free Internet Offer.Besides you have 2200 free sms and special call rates 1 paisha/1 sec 24hours to another operator.BL 2.5Gb Free Internet Offer you can use 2am-2pm.

BL 2.5Gb Free Internet Offer

BL 2.5Gb Free Internet Offer Terms and Condition:

  • This offer are eligible for all pre-paid and call & control customers.
    • To check your number are eligible for this offer, please dial this number and send FREE SMS to 4343 from any Banglalink numbers.
    • Every Tk19 recharge BL 2.5Gb Free Internet Offer and 2200 SMS can be availed once every 5 days.
    • All BL reactivation customer are use BL 2.5Gb Free Internet Offer.
    • All BL reactivation customers will get BL 2.5Gb Free Internet Offer only for the first 30 days from the first recharging date. (maximum 6 times)
    • BL Free 2.5Gb Free Internet Offer usable time 2am-2pm.•  Another special BL customer will be 0.5 paisa/sec to BL numbers from 5 pm – 12am and 1 paisa/sec to other numbers 24 hours will be applied.
  • BL Free 2.5GB Free Internet Offer validity for 10 days and SMS validity for 3 days.
  • To know the remaining amount of BL Free 2.5GB Internet Offer please dial *124*994#.
  • To know the remaining amount of BL 2200 free SMS, please dial *124*31#.
    •  If you unsubscribe this offer,please dial *166*612#..
    • BL Free 2.5GB Internet Offer cannot be availed once if customers unsubscribe from this offer.

If you have any question about BL 2.5Gb Free Internet Offer please comment below. Thanks all BL customers to stay with us.