Best Online Personal Loans for May 2024

According to our analysis, SoFi provides the finest online personal loans because of its large loan amounts, no loan costs, and other features. We assessed information on 31 variables, such as APRs, loan amounts, terms, fees, client service, and more, from over 70 lenders.

Best Online Personal Loans for May 2024

Excellent personal loan lenders are readily available for any circumstance. Because of its large minimum loan amounts, absence of loan fees, and other features, SoFi is our top choice for an overall lender. To qualify for a SoFi loan, you might need to have good credit because of the large minimum loan amount.

The good news is that you can find a different lender who could be able to help you, regardless of your circumstances. For instance, borrowers with less-than-ideal credit might consider Upgrade, Upstart, and Best Egg as excellent choices. In the meanwhile, First Tech is the lender on our list that offers the lowest loan amounts.

Where to Get an Online Personal Loan

There are three main lenders to choose from when looking for a personal loan: online lenders, credit unions, and traditional banks.

A bank or credit union: If you already have a relationship with one, getting a loan from a conventional bank or credit union can be a wonderful place to start. Conventional banks frequently have higher interest rates and may levy borrowing fees. Conversely, credit unions frequently provide rates and fees that are more reasonable.

Online lenders: Compared to traditional banks and credit unions, online-only lenders may be a wise choice. These lenders are not location-specific, with many operating in all 50 states thanks to their online business model. Compared to banks or credit unions, online lenders frequently provide more choices and cheaper interest rates.

Should You Apply For an Online Personal Loan?

One of the most adaptable loan kinds is an online personal loan. Personal loans can be utilized for almost anything, including home renovations, debt relief, and financial storm management.

Reasonably low interest rates are another advantage of personal loans. While your annual percentage rate (APR) has a major influence on your interest rate, rates for other loans, like credit card debt, might start much lower. Because of this, personal loans are an excellent method for combining high-interest debt.

Debt Consolidation is the Most Common Use for a Personal Loan Another advantage of online lending is its accessibility. With an online personal loan, you can apply in the comfort of your own home in a matter of minutes as opposed to needing to visit a bank branch. If your loan is granted, you can usually find out right away and receive the funds the same or the following working day.