Banglalink Bundle Offer

Welcome to Banglalink Bundle Offer for Banglalink all prepaid and postpaid customers. Mobile internet users in Bangladesh are increase day by day. Most of the users who are using Banglalink but majority of users didn’t know about Banglalink Internet Package and other offers. Now today I will share for all customers to Banglalink Bundle Offer. If you want to know or active this special offer, please read this full article and get a clear concept.

Banglalink Bundle Offer

Banglalink Bundle Offer Details:

Banglalink 15 Minute 5Tk Offer:

To active BL 15 Minutes, 5 SMS and 5MB Internet offer, please just dial *132*5#

Validity this offer in 1 days.

Use this minute in any banglalink numbers to 12 am to 5pm.

Banglalink 40 Minute 14Tk Offer:
Minutes : 40 Minutes.
Validity : 16 Hours.
Use: BL-BL Number
Activation Code: *1100*3# or recharge 14Tk.

Details: Just visit 40 Minute Offer Details.

Banglalink 24Tk Bundle Offer:.

Minutes : 75 Minutes.

Validity : 24 Hours.

Use: BL-BL Number

Activation Code: *1100*5*1# or recharge 24TK.

Details: Just click 75 Minute Details.

Banglalink 28Tk Bundle Offer:

Minute: 36 (any operator)

SMS: 36 BL-BL Number.

Internet: 150MB

Validity: 7 day

Activation Code: *1100*2# or recharge 28Tk.

Details: 28TK Bundle Offer.

Banglalink 43Tk Bundle Offer:

Minute: 110 BL-BL Number.

Validity: 72 hours.

Activation Code: *1100*5*3# or recharge 43Tk.

Details: Just click 43Tk Offer Details.

Banglalink 51Tk Bundle Offer:

Minute: 120 BL-BL Number.

Validity: 7 Day.

Activation Code: *1100*5*5*1# or recharge 51Tk.

Banglalink 78Tk Bundle Offer:

Minute: 105 (any operator).

Internet: 105 MB

SMS: 105 BL-BL Number

Validity: 7 Day.

Activation Code: *1100*5*2# or recharge tk. 78 to enjoy the bundle.

Banglalink 95Tk Bundle Offer:

Minute: 310 Only BL Number

Validity: 10 Days.

Activation Code: *1100*1# or recharge 95Tk.

Banglalink 108Tk Bundle Offer:

Minute: 208 (104 Minute BL-BL number & 104 Minute available for any operator)

Internet: 208MB

Validity: 10 Days.

Activation Code: *132*108# or recharge Tk. 108 to avail this bundle.

Details: 108Tk Offer Details.

Banglalink 198Tk Bundle Offer:

Minute: 230 (any operator).

Internet: 350MB

SMS: 230 BL-BL Number

Validity: 15 Days.

Activation Code: *1100*4# to avail the Tk. 198 pack.

Details: 198TK Offer Details.

Banglalink 248Tk Bundle Offer:

Minute: 330 (any operator).

Validity: 30 Days.

Activation Code: *1100*5*4# to avail the Tk. 248 pack.

Banglalink 498Tk Bundle Offer:

Minute: 500 (any operator).

Internet: 2GB

SMS: 500 BL-BL Number

Validity: 30 Days.

Activation Code: *1100*5*5*2# to avail the Tk. 498 pack.

498TK Offer Details.

Banglalink 998Tk Bundle Offer:

Minute: 1200 (any operator).

Internet: 5GB

SMS: 700 BL-BL Number

Validity: 30 Days.

Activation Code: *1100*5*5*3# to avail the Tk. 998 pack.

Details: Just visit 998Tk Bundle Offer.

Banglalink Weekly Pack :

Banglalink 50Tk Bundle Offer:
Minutes : 75 Minutes.
Validity : 7 Days.
Internet data  : 75 MB.
SMS : 75
MMS : 75
To buy this pack, please dial USSD Code  *132*50#.

Banglalink 100Tk Bundle Offer:
Minutes : 160 Minutes Free.
Validity : 15 Days in 24 hours.
Internet data  : 160 MB for any usage.
SMS : 160.
MMS : 160.
To buy this pack, users need to dial USSD Code *132*100#.

Banglalink Monthly Pack :

Banglalink 300Tk Bundle Offer:
Minutes : 500 Minutes Free.
Validity : 30 Days for any time 24 hours.
Internet data  : 200 MB for unlimited browsing and download.
SMS : 200
MMS : 200
To buy this pack, customers need to dial USSD Code *132*300#.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This pack will eligible to Banglalink prepaid and call & control customers.
  • BL customers can will buy this pack in any time in a day for unlimited.
  • If you check your bundle balances, customers need to dial USSD Code *124*56#.
  • Customers will get 10 seconds pulse for all bundle minutes.
  •  If a user who has any SMS pack purchases a bundle pack then SMS pack will be consumed first.
  • 15% vat & govt. 3% supplementary duty will be applicable.

We hope all customers can will know Banglalink Bundle Offer in a fix amount. To get all more information, please stay with us and follow our site. Have you any question about this offer, please comments the box. We will try to answer as soon as possible. To know all bundle offer on your mobile phone, just click BL Bundle Offer Code.