Bangladesh Public Holiday Calendar 2023

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Bangladesh Public Holiday Calendar 2023:

Day Date Holiday Name Holiday Type
Sunday 1st January English New Year Optional Holiday
Tuesday 10thJanuary Fateha-e-Yazdaham Optional Holiday
Wednesday 1st February Saraswati Puja Optional Holiday
Friday 10th February Maghi Purnima Optional Holiday
Tuesday 21st February International Mother Language Day Public Holiday
Friday 24th February Shivratri Optional Holiday
Wednesday 1st March Ash Wednesday Optional Holiday
Sunday 12th March Doljatra Optional Holiday
Friday 17th March Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s birthday Public Holiday
Sunday 26th March Independence Day + Harichand Thakur’s Birthday Public Holiday
Wednesday 12th April Small Ethnic Groups Cultural Program Optional Holiday
Thursday 13th April Chaitra Sankranti + Maundy Thursday Optional Holiday
Friday 14th April Bengali New Year + Good Friday Optional Holiday
Saturday 15th April Holy Saturday Optional Holiday
Sunday 16th April Easter Sunday Optional Holiday
Tuesday 25th April Shab-e-Meraj Optional Holiday
Monday 1st May May Day Public Holiday
Wednesday 10th May Buddha Purnima/Baishakhi Purnima/Vesak Public Holiday
Friday 12th May Shab-e-Barat Public Holiday
Friday 23rd June Jumatul Bidah + Shab-e-Qadr Public Holiday
Sunday 25th June Eid-ul-Fitr Public Holiday
Monday 26th June Eid-ul-Fitr Public Holiday
Tuesday 27th June Eid-ul-Fitr Public Holiday
Wednesday 28th June Eid-ul-Fitr Optional Holiday
Saturday 1st July Bank Holiday Bank Holiday
Saturday 8th July Ashari Purnima Optional Holiday
Monday 14th August Janmashtami Public Holiday
Tuesday 15th August National Mourning Day Public Holiday
Friday 1st September Eid-ul-Adha Public Holiday
Saturday 2nd September Eid-ul-Adha Public Holiday
Sunday 3rd September Eid-ul-Adha Public Holiday
Monday 4th September Eid-ul-Adha Optional Holiday
Tuesday 5th September Madhu Purnima Optional Holiday
Tuesday 19th September Mahalaya Optional Holiday
Friday 29th September Durga Puja (Navami) Optional Holiday
Saturday 30th September Durga Puja (Vijaya Dashami) Public Holiday
Sunday 1st October Ashura Public Holiday
Wednesday 4th October Prabarana/Ashwini Purnima Optional Holiday
Thursday 5th October Laxmi Puja + Prabarana/Ashwini Purnima Optional Holiday
Thursday 19th October Shyama Puja Optional Holiday
Wednesday 15th November Akheri Chahar Shamba Optional Holiday
Friday 1st December Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi Public Holiday
Saturday 16th December Victory Day Public Holiday
Sunday 24th December Christmas Day Optional Holiday
Monday 25th December Christmas Day Public Holiday
Tuesday 26th December Christmas Day Optional Holiday
Saturday 30th December Fateha-e-Yazdaham Optional Holiday
Sunday 31st December Bank Holiday Bank Holiday

 Public Holiday 2023 Picture:Public Holiday calendar 2023

Public Holiday calendar 2023

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