Apple Watch Series 8 Release Date, Price, Full Specification

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 doesn’t bring any significant design changes over its predecessor. It continues to offer 41mm and 45mm size options with the same rounded corners and slim-bordered display. One notable new feature is Crash Detection. Using a sensor that can measure up to 256g of force, it alerts emergency contacts and calls 911.

Apple Watch Series 8 Release Date

Apple is introducing an updated version of the Apple Watch this year that’s said to have improved fitness features, a new body temperature sensor and car crash detection. The Series 8 should also offer longer battery life with a low power mode that doubles the time you can go without charging.

The biggest hardware feature is the addition of a heart rate monitor and a blood pressure sensor. This will allow you to take your own readings using the Apple Watch without having to wear a separate wristband or visit a doctor. It will also be able to detect a fall and automatically call emergency services.

Other features include ovulation cycle tracking (although it could potentially be a bit inaccurate for some), and improved sleep monitoring with stages. Apple has also included car crash detection which can detect if you’ve been in an accident and alert your emergency contacts.

Apple Watch Series 8 Price

Apple Watch Series 8 is the latest edition of the wearable, featuring a larger screen, electrocardiogram support, and advanced health sensors. It also boasts a new light-based security feature that shines a light onto your wrist, which should create a field image of veins on your arm, making it more difficult for hackers to fake.

Other features include a body temperature sensor that can detect changes in your skin’s surface to help women track their menstrual cycles, while Crash Detection can automatically call emergency services and alert your emergency contacts. It also has a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer that can measure motion 4x faster than before.

The new Apple Watch will be available starting at $399 for the base GPS-only model and $499 for the GPS + cellular version. It comes in a wide variety of aluminum and stainless steel casing options. There are a lot of great deals currently available on the Apple Watch Series 8, including one that offers free cellular service for a limited time.

Apple Watch Series 8 Full Specification

In Series 8, Apple has included a new, faster processor and some new features. The Watch now supports ECG readings, while the built-in accelerometer can detect if you’ve fallen down and notify emergency services or your chosen contacts (it needs to be paired with an iPhone). There is also a new heart rate sensor and the ability to track deep sleep to better understand how your body rests. The sleep monitoring feature uses the Digital Crown and microphone to analyze sounds from your body, allowing for more accurate data.

Header Cell – Column 0 Apple Watch Series 8
Starting price $399 / £419 / AU$629
Sizes 41mm, 45mm
Colors Midnight, Starlight, Silver, Product Red
Processor Apple S8
Connectivity Cellular (optional,) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, U1, NFC, GPS
Durability IPX6
Waterproof? Up to 50 meters
Sensors Skin temperature, heart rate, ECG, SpO2
Battery life 18 hours (36 with low power mode)
Compatibility iOS

Apple Watch Series 8 Design

Apple’s most recognizable features on the Series 8 involve the activity rings, which encourage users to burn calories, complete X amount of exercise minutes, and get up and move around throughout the day. Getting close to closing those rings each day is a fun and motivating goal that many people can relate to. The watch is also capable of tracking sleep, and the new Series 8 introduces cycle tracking for women. It uses a sensor that spots body temperature changes and provides retroactive ovulation estimates, based on historical data.

The new Series 8 also adds Crash Detection, which can use the accelerometer and gyroscope to detect falls or a sudden movement and send an alert to emergency contacts. And it has a new LTPO OLED display that’s more energy-efficient than the old one, though the exact percentage isn’t specified. Apple isn’t usually in the habit of touting performance improvements between different versions, but it says the new S8 chip will be faster than last year’s S6.