5 Largest Creatures Ever Caught By Fishermen

Largest Creatures Ever Caught By Fishermen : When it comes to ocean creatures, you can’t tell for sure what you’ll fish out. One time you hook a blue marlin, another time, it’s a giant squid straight from the abyss. For millennia, the fishermen have been telling stories about giant carps that can swallow boats, enormous whales that could cause a tsunami, and 50-foot blood-thirsty sharks. The creatures from folklore and myths are usually extremely exaggerated, but nowadays, when anyone can just snap a picture of their catch, it becomes obvious that some of those legendary sea-dwellers could actually be real.

Here are the ten largest creatures ever caught by fishermen.

1.The Largest Catfish

The largest catfish ever caught was nearly 8 feet long. A group of villagers in Thailand fished out the beast, but it managed to slink away into the murky river despite their best efforts.

2.The Largest Salmon

The absolute giant of the salmon kingdom weighed almost 90 pounds, which is two times more than average salmon usually weigh.

3.The Largest Marlin

This 16-foot giant blue marlin was caught in Hawaii in 1984. When the fishermen finally hauled the monster on the pier to weigh and measure it, the scales dinged at almost 1560 pounds.

4.The Largest Seabass

It took five people more than an hour to get this seabass out of the water. No wonder, after all, the fish weighed 440 freaking pounds.

5.The Largest White Shark

The largest white shark ever caught was a 17-foot-long Nova Scotian beauty named “The Queen of the Ocean.” It required a special mechanism to be lifted out of the sea, as it weighed a whopping 3,500 pounds!